Investing in Our Youth

At Regency Wire we believe the ideas of giving back and social responsibility begin at home, and then extend around the nation. With that in mind, we created NextStep with our local school system. This program brings high school students into a dedicated section of our workplace, where they both earn wages and learn life skills.

We’re proud of our NextStep graduates, many of whom have moved on to the military, college, professional careers - and even full-time employment at Regency Wire. We are grateful for the opportunity to get to know these young persons and their families, as well as benefit from their enthusiasm, joy and dedication to personal and professional development.

We provide the job. They provide the joy.

It’s amazing what can happen with a little encouragement, guidance and real world experience. After 5 years the results of the NextStep program are, in a word, inspiring. Young persons who were at risk of being marginalized have found themselves with the confidence to join the military, or go to college, or, in some cases, become full-time salaried employees at Regency Wire or other local employers.